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New Titles

The Red Pipestone Quarry of Minnesota
Compiled by Alan R. Woolworth

Martin Christian Laine: Growing Up In Toivola Minnesota 1927-1947
Martin Laine

The Archaeology of the Fish Lake Dam Site
Mulholland, Mulholland and Donahue

Tales of Spirit Mountain: Early Days in the Lake Superior Region
Anne Crooks

Recent Titles

The Dakota Indian Internment at Fort Snelling, 1862-1864
Corinne L. Monjeau-Marz

Clinton Iowa: Railroad Town
Deborah Morse-Kahn and Joe Trnka

The Traveler's Medical Guide
Fujimoto, Robin, Dessery

Deep Cave Rock Art
in the Upper Mississippi Valley

Robert Boszhardt

Santee Dakota Indian Legends, Vol. 2
Alan Woolworth - Editor

The Minnesota Archaeologist - vol. 61
Minnesota Archaeological Society

The Jeffers Petroglyphs: Native American Rock Art on the Midwestern Plains
Kevin L. Callahan

The Gottschall Rockshelter: An Archaeological Mystery (pdf on CDROM)
Salzer and Rajnovich

Beliefs and Tales of the Canadian Dakota
Santee Dakota Indian Legends, Vol. 1
Wilson D. Wallis

The Minnesota Archaeologist - vol. 59
Minnesota Archaeological Society

The Minnesota Archaeologist - vol. 60
Minnesota Archaeological Society


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